Mr. & Dr. is a photobook aimed for children and youngsters that explores the notion of the unknown through images and text.

This photobook is an appropriation of a classic horror story, The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson that challenges the overriding illustrative relation between text and images in books for children. Photographs are unexpected, dark, ambiguous and create a vague yet fraught relation with the words that rejects fixed definitions.

The main character faces a dilemma, a duality that is articulated in the two part structure of the book: text, divided into two distinct voices. A third-person narrator in the first part and the first-person confession of Dr. Jekyll at the end; and pictures that cast a doubt over their meaning, defying the conventions of what is suitable for children.

Mr. & Dr. is a journey, through words and images, to the unimaginable, to what we do not understand and consequently, we fear.

Mr. & Dr.

by Mariela Sancari and Adolfo Córdova

Published by This book is true


Texts in English (Spanish version soon)

128 pages

16.5 x 24 cm

Hard cover

500 copies

Gabriela Cendoya-Bergareche on the book:

"Mr & Dr, the new book by Mariela Sancari and Adolfo Cordova, is a complex one. You wouldn't know how to classify it, if only you'd like to classify. The authors say, quote" it is a photobook for children and youngsters that explore the notion of the unknown through images and text. A journey to the unimaginable, to what we do not understand and, consequently, we fear", unquote.

Well i would say it is certainly not a book for children, or a far from classical one... And i am not sure it is a photobook, again in a classical sense. I would say it is a book about the possibility of a new narrative through the relation between text and images.

Here, like in the duality of the Stevenson' s hero, Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, we find a duality in the way the story is told, two different voices, a third person and a first person, divided by another part of very abstract images that tell very little about the story, but add mystery and uneasiness. We have a story of transformation, disappearance and creation, in a choral tale.

Is MR & DR an allegory of a necessary transformation of the photobook? Are the images no longer meaningful? There is no answer, except that we must not fear the unknown. For sure the book is food for thought, not easy at first glance, but demanding and challenging. 
The book is dedicated to "all the fearing but daring". Maybe we just need a child's spirit to move forward the unknown, daring."